Monday, January 27, 2014


    April is a wonderful time, it always has been for me.  Me and my 2 sisters, all born in April, two years between each of us.  I love the weather too.  As I have gotten older, the festivities associated with birthdays have dwindled, but at age 27, bound to my reluctance to accept number 28, I am excited for the progress made.  My chapter book, for kids ages 8-10 will be available via Amazon and Kindle.  I am particularly excited because this time I had the pleasure of working with a very talented artist some of you know, Brandon Ax.  This collaborative experience has taught me the benefit of letting go in your weaknesses and working harder on your strengths. 

    DiRT may not have the nicest clothes or the job of his dreams, but there is one thing he doesn't lack, and that's heart.  He has four of them in fact, and they ache for his secret crush, Chesnee Stillwater.  Love struck he finally gets the courage to ask her out, but plans don't always go the way you imagine they will.  Problems at work, out growing his home and humiliated in front of everyone, Dirt thinks that things could not get worse.  Dirt had no idea.  Sulking about his miserable life, Dirt gets caught off guard and is snatched by a fisherman.  Barely escaping death from a hook as large as he was, Dirt is saved by a falling leaf.  As he washes ashore an island, nothing could have prepared him for the danger, adventure and the lessons that stood in front of him.  A story of the power of love from the perspective of a worm named Dirt that is sure to make you reassess your ideas of happiness, Dirt is sure to make you laugh, smile and reflect on what matters most, the one's you love.



  1. The Hurricane has composting worms. She adores them.


  2. Can't wait to finish these up and show people.