Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Success

      I received a gift yesterday that to most people would not be an emotional one.  I received a bed.  Now I know it may come as a surprise, but everyone does not have this common comfort available to them.  Due to some life changing events in my life, I have been without this comfort for months.  Granted, I have learned of several things you can sleep on through personal experience that are the "Do Not's" of good rest.  Nothing can make you feel better than a great nights rest, and so it goes that without, you can feel pretty crumby. 

      Sometimes I catch myself forgetting that the biggest blessings that anyone could ask for are usually the ones that they have already been given.  A bed for example, although looked forward to resting on after a long day, was never itself thought of as a gift.  After all, most people have never done without, but after suffering through neck and back pains and exhaustions for the better part of four months, I couldn't help but getting teary eyed when I saw it. 

     We are all blessed with wonderful things, family, a warm place to stay, a way to get from point A to point B, or just having a place to go in the first place.  Somehow we appreciate these things, but fail to accept them as successes in themselves.  Sleeping upon that mattress, I felt like a King for the night, knowing the struggles that led me to be without, and seeing myself with once again.  Through any part of your life, you can feel overwhelmed and consumed with foresight that doesn't equal your reality, but if you realize your lows exceed many others highs, then I think you will learn to stop putting so much pressure on your future and learn to live in the successes of your day.  Nothing is more rewarding and it will help drive you without bringing you down.  Rest well, but live better.


  1. Oi! A good bed is so important. I'm very sad for all the people who are sleeping on the streets tonight. I wish I could provide all of them with comfortable beds.


  2. It is hard to learn to stop and enjoy what you have, especially if you re driven to do more, but it is a very important step to becoming the best version of yourself.