Monday, December 23, 2013


     Bad Dog!!!  We've all said it at one point or anther to our beloved pooches, unless you don't own a dog, in which case I have one thing to say....GET A DOG!!!  They are great.  Seriously though, you've at least heard someone say it.  In fact it's probably the most common phrase directed towards canines next to "good dog".  I have used the phrase many times myself.  It dawned on me though that maybe my dog understood what I was saying.  I mean I would certainly hope that she did, after all I am speaking to her as if she does, expecting her to listen and to be obedient. 

     One day when I uttered the phrase, Bad Dog, she lowered her head in shame and pouted.  I couldn't help but to reevaluate what it was I was actually saying to her.  The precursor to her scolding was really not that big of a deal.  She got excited and knocked a glass from the table next to my couch.  I reflexively barked at her with those two words that no dog wants to hear.  I didn't tell her she did something wrong, didn't show my dog her mistake, nope, I just flat out told her, you are a bad dog

     Imagine if you made a mistake at work and someone came to you and said, you are a bad person.  I mean that's really harsh to be told you are not a good person because you made a mistake.  I know that dogs don't think like we do and they operate on a different level than humans, but its something to consider.  If you think your dog understands what your saying, maybe it's not the best way to say it.


  1. Bad person! Yeah, that doesn't sound right.
    Welcome to the blogging community, Jamie. There are some awesome writers and people here.

  2. I never tell my dogs they're bad because they're never bad. They're a delight–even when someone eats half a cake or pees a river in the house.