Thursday, December 19, 2013


         EMOTIONS are probably the most powerful thing that we as humans feel, and WORDS are the most powerful weapon that people have.  As with any weapon though, under the influence of an altered emotional state, it could result in a negative use of the weapon, or words.  If you don't believe the latter then I can prove it.  Next time you see someone try to tick them off.  I assure you this is an effortless task.  If you can change how someone feels, effect the speed of their heart and the way they breath, then you would have to agree that words are powerful.  That is why I love writing so much.

       More often than not I find my foot making home to a mouth that doesn't have an off switch.  I say this because even when my subconscious is subtlety whispering the plentiful do's and do not's, I always ignore my moral compass in the moment.  Spoken words don't have a backspace button.  You can't say something and take it back, even if you really wish you could.  No matter how hard I try, somehow I always find an opportunity to misuse my ability to speak.  Words when spoken have facial gestures and undertones attached that imply a multitude of meanings.  You can never just say what you feel without it being interpreted a different way than intended.  People are always analyzing subtleties in the way you speak and your posture or eye movements. 

        Words when written down though can be taken in a number of ways, and even though they can be misconstrued, I find that if I read something and have a question about it's actual intent, I view it like a painting.  I admire it for what it is, pick out qualities I like and am open to interpretations.  The truth is, most people do not think before they speak, it is far too automatic, but when you write you know you can't let time water down your comments or dilute what you were saying.  When you right you are careful, aware of the finality that words on paper have.  I love to write because of this.  Writing gives people like me a chance to think before speaking, and I think most people could benefit from writing in the same way.


  1. For sure the ability to collect your thoughts and say what you truly wish to say in the way you wish to say it, is amazing. Awesome stuff here.

  2. A very good post. Brandon sent me, and I always do as Brandon says. Best wishes with your books. I am the great and powerful Janie Junebug from


    P.S. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

  3. Janie, love your blog. I especially enjoyed the blog about the large T.V. Can't count the times I've messed with telemarketers like that.