Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Gift Of Thought

Every idea does not come from somewhere deep and because of something important. Often times the greatest moments we experience are those of un-expectancy. I sat with fellow blogger and friend Brandon Ax and the idea came to him to write a song. He said it jokingly at first, as did I, because I write music when I feel anguish or excitement, and more times than not love.

This time was different though because nothing terrific or horrible was a precursor to the events that followed that innocent idea. It was silly in fact, to just sit and write as if some part of us were even capable. Granted I have written several songs and he as a writer himself showed the capability of doing so, but it always felt to me like when emotion charged the writing, I didn't feel responsible for the thoughts and words that fell from that moment, rather I was an assistant to my feelings, only doing the actual work of writing it down.

Emotions, whether good or bad act so often as triggers to the inert abilities we sometimes forget are in us. It seems effortless to tap into our own resources when emotion is involved, but as we found out over the course of about 3 hours, it is not emotion that creates the thoughts and desires within us, they only help to expel them when we normally would hold on to them selfishly. The truth is, we all have been gifted with thought, and whether or not we exercise it is up to us. It is easier to do when triggered by an event, but the gift is there waiting regardless so you might as well use it. You never know who could be waiting to hear the exact thing your thinking. Hope you enjoy. Thanks